Sandra Kay Boyum

Sandra Kay Boyum

Sandra BoyumSandra Kay Boyum age 69 of Wabasso passed away peacefully Monday, June 30, 2014 at Seasons Hospice House.  Private services will be held.  Stephens Funeral Service – Redwood Valley Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.

Sandra Kay (Lindorff) Boyum was born November 29, 1944 in St. Peter, Minnesota to Jane (Boldt) Baade and step-father Bud Baade.  She attended New Ulm Public School.  On May 27, 1961 she married Rodney Boyum in Brookings, SD.  The couple was blessed with 8 children.  After raising her children, Sandra furthered her education by earning her Bachelor’s Degree from SSU Marshall.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, Sandra attended two years at Mankato and two years at Grand Forks.  Sandra enjoyed reading, working on miniature doll houses, quilting, and crocheting.  With a large family she spent time canning, cooking, baking, and gardening.  Sandra enjoyed shopping at thrift and antique stores.  Sandra made various crafts and worked with ceramics.  She loved her cats and spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sandra is survived by her husband Rodney, eight children: Jane (John) Kelley of Redwood Falls, Valerie Boyum of Redwood Falls, Sharon Boyum of Bellevue, NE, Susan Boyum of Galveston, TX, Tammy (Charlie) Snyder of Tracy, Deborah Boyum of Redwood Falls, Pamela (Tom) Sheeran of Seaforth, and Shawn Boyum of Echo.  She is also survived by 20 grandchildren; 20+ great-grandchildren; and three sisters: Kathy, Linda, Penny; and her beloved cat Mittens.  She is preceded in death by her parents, daughter-in-law Jean Boyum, sister Gloria, brother Leslie, and favorite cat Misty.

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  1. Valerie Boyum

    Mom, I Love you so much and I am going to miss you so very much.
    You have taught us all so much and i thank you so very much for that.
    The crafts and cooking we, (well I know me anyway) have and will use all our days.
    The love and patience you gave in all the beautiful clothes and quilts you have made for us and others will keep us warm and remembering the love you sewed into them.
    I know I was not always the best I could’ve been as a young person (teen) and I caused you and Dad
    much grief sometimes, but you always let me know how much you cared for me and loved me…you never gave up on me and that means so much to me. As I got older, not smarter, I realized what you were trying to teach me all along and so I tried to make things better, and am still working on that.
    When you returned to school after raising eight of us I was so proud of you, you still followed your dreams or wants after all we were all gone from home. Not too many people do that, and so I decided to do the same thing and I tell you what Mom, it is really refreshing to know there is so much out there to learn and to know I actually made it as far as I have so far, is wonderful.
    You have made me see how much life is worth fighting for, you fought so hard and strong to get to where you were then and now today.
    Your work is done, but trust me it is never going to be forgotten…the fight you have will never be forgotten either. The love you have for Dad and all of us kids, will be here always and forever. The compassion and love you have for animals is always present at home and in my home with my animals, despite what a few people may say about me separating my kitties from each other….but like when we kids and would fight you would separate us and it worked, just not so well with fur babies obviously. You and Dad have helped me grow into what I am today and without the love and patience I feel from you and Dad, God only knows where I may be today.
    Mom, just know that I love you and even though you are not here physically, you will be in my heart and mind forever…that is something no one can or ever will take from me…and I want to thank you for being the best Mother a Daughter could ever wish for…you are going to be missed more than you will know. Don’t worry, like we all told you last year we will help watch over and take of Dad and Mittens…I know you will too. Your work here is done, now you can rest and take time to watch things and people and spend time with those who have gone before you…God and all your cats are waiting for you and I will see you all when my time is done. You have earned your place in Heaven and now you can enjoy the love and peace that will encircle you there. I am going to do my very best make sure everything you have taught and gave me/us never dies or is forgotten. I just want to keep talking to you, but i will have to stop here and let you rest. I will write more later in letters to you Mom. I Love you Mom and I Miss you so much, please take all our love with you to keep you warm and I am going to do the same.
    Love you Mom!!!

  2. Maria Herrera

    Grandma I love u so very much. I wish I could go back in time and spend more time with you and grandpa. I am so glad I got to see your beautiful face one last time before you passed on. I was always so proud to call you my grandma. I loved going to your house on holidays and any day. I will always remember when we ate those veggie burgers and didn’t know they were veggie. The doll houses, the basement, the study, especially the library were all my favorite places to be in your house. I remember having you read my papers and edit them for me. I got my writing skills from you grandma. I hope to see you again one day grandma. I love you.

  3. Mom – you may be gone from this earth but you are not gone from my heart. You will always be alive in so many ways and so many things I do and share. You taught me so much and I love you bunches. I miss you already <3

  4. Mom,
    You have taught me so much, I will never forget you or your love for us. Without your love and discipline growing up I would not be the person I am today. Your love for cats has been passed down in the family as most everyone has at least one. You may be gone, but I will always cherish the memories I have. You will always be in my heart, mind and thoughts. You are at peace now reunited with your late cats and family and friends you have loved and lost too soon and missed. Its so hard to say goodbye to the best mother and friend anyone could have asked for, just remember and know that you will never ever be forgotten and you will always be loved and missed.

  5. Beth Johanneck

    On behalf of Geoff and Kasey, and myself, I want to express condolences to all of you. We liked Sandy a lot. She understood that people were flawed and showed a great deal of compassion. She was kind to us in our darkest hour and we have never forgotten it. Your family was a huge part of our lives when we all lived on Oak Street and we really enjoyed having you as neighbors. There were, no doubt, people on the other side eagerly awaiting Sandy’s arrival. Your loss here on earth, is their gain in heaven.

  6. mom, i know that i am late in posting this, but i needed time to pull my thoughts n mind together. even though i know you are now in a better n happy life, you r still missed here. don’t know when the hurting will go, i only know that someday the hurting will be replace with all the wonderful memories i have n we all shared as a family. I can only hope that i can be strong in spirit as you was. You left behind many things that will always be with me in my heart n thoughts, these will never be taken away. while there are still so many things we do not know about you, there are still many things things that we do know that you have shared with us through many different paths. though the world knows not much of you nor your character nor strength nor weakness nor the things you left behind, it matters only to us, your loving family. i could go on n on, but i will continue on in a memory letter. what my sisters posted above goes for me also.
    Be happy n joyful, mom. do not worry about those behind, for we will make it through this new chapter of our lives. i am so happy that you are not suffering anymore. Am looking forward to seeing u in heaven someday mom. love you always, jane

  7. Valerie Boyum

    Mom, it has been a little over a week and the hurt is strong, not just me but all of us are hurting…including Dad. Your 53 years of marriage and company is going to be hard on Dad because you are no longer here physically. I know you are in no more pain, but you are so missed here. You are never going to be gone from my heart and memories…you meant so much to me and I cannot possibly even to tell you how you have inspired me in my lifetime…you are still inspiring me and always will. I love you so much Mom and I sure do miss you. Coming to visit you everyday in the hospice house made me feel at ease knowing you were being taken of. Visiting with you and family was great for us, even though you were later unable to communicate with us, but we knew that you could still hear us, so talking to you knowing you could hear me made me feel like there was a bond that would never be broken…the only thing that upsets me was the fact that you were suffering and there wasn’t anything I or any of us could do help ease that suffering…except to talk to you and knowing that in your heart and mind we love you and were there for you. I miss you Mom….more than you or anyone will ever know. You live in on in all of us with all you taught us and showed us. Your love for us will never die just because you are gone from here physically. You can rest now and not suffer anymore. I know you miss Dad and we know he misses you. Love you Mom….love Valerie

  8. Mom, here it is 2015…it is kind of cold and we have some snow on the ground (not like the east coast by any means)…knowing you are no longer suffering and feeling the cold is truly a blessing. Elvira passed away two weeks ago, so maybe you will see her, my animals might all get tired of waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge Gate…you can let them in and they can all play with the other animal angels.
    Dad is hanging in there as well as the rest of us…Christmas was not the same without you here…it never will be again. I’ll bet Christmas in Heaven is beautiful and joyful with all the angels singing (meowing, barking, etc)…you will always be our angel Mom. I love you and miss you so very much, I wish you were here to talk to and see again…i miss talking to you and and seeing you here at you and Dad’s house. Going to the house knowing you aren’t there is so very hard for me, there are places I will not go into and some people give me grief, but i can’t help it…it will take time and I may never sit in the dining room chair that is yours…going to the house knowing you will never sit there beside Dad is not easy at all…I just want you to know that i love you so much Mom and always will…i miss you so very much

  9. Mom,
    I know pretty soon someone is going to say something about me writing here, but until then well.
    We cleared out the bushes yesterday at the house (minus the 2 big stumps)…looks strange, but good at the same time.
    I miss you so much Mom and love you the same…it is so hard with Mother’s Day coming and you not here to share it with…trust me Mom you are the most loved and missed Mom out there…if you see something that day, remember I love you!!!
    Ninja was laid to rest a couple of weeks ago today…I miss him and the others so much Mom…I know you will have them all sitting with you and loving them like they were your own…if my babies get tired of waiting for me, maybe they will let you take them across the Rainbow Bridge to run to their hearts content…I wish you were all here with me…I miss you so very much.
    Love you Mom and Happy Early, Everyday Mothers Day!!! I love you!!!!!

    1. May is hard but next month is going to be harder 🙁 I miss mom so much too and I wish she was still here 🙁 As long as we are still able to write here then don’t stop Sis 🙂

  10. I know I shouldn’t keep coming back to this site Mom – but I miss you so very much – if I could change back time I would not have left – if I had known I would never see you again I would have stayed – I know I can’t have every thing I want – I just want you back – I want to go home and see you and Dad – I want to be sitting downstairs holding the rock and talking and laughing with you both – I play your voice mail just so I can hear your voice – I so miss you – I love you Mom <3

  11. Valerie Boyum

    If I didn’t wish you a Happy Mother’s Day I meant to…Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!! I love you so very much and wish we could have you here with us (without all the pain you were in) so we could spend more time together and talk and laugh and more. The 1 year anniversary of you going to Heaven was a tough day for me, all of us, Dad and more…I had to work and it wasn’t easy but knowing you were no longer suffering somehow made it more I don’t know—it wasn’t easy and I started crying a few times during the day and I wiped tears as I seen customers coming in that day…Deb came to work and told me she had set out a couple of beautiful carnations (or whatever flowers they were) and I thought that was sweet…Mom, later that day (as I am sure you probably seen) some of us got together with Dad and went to pizza ranch and then went out to the bluff and the cemetery…the Bluff is so wonderfully beautiful with the trees all in bloom and the flowers popping up everyplace…it is an amazing place…sometimes it felt like you were there with us, not physically of course, but it was like your presence could be felt (not sure what the others thought or felt, but). I finally have that picture done…I had to scale down the sayings to make it all fit and be more readable or easier to read (had so many words and not enough room)…Pam and Tom made a frame from old barn wood and Pam bought over the plexi-glass and back for it the day we went to the bluff and all…so I had to get the picture done right so it could be displayed in the beautiful frame…you would love it Mom…hopefully Dad does…
    Mom the past year was so hard and I kept thinking if I kept myself busy with all the volunteering that it would help…it only helped when I was volunteering, when I would get home the pain of you and my fur-babies being in Heaven would hit and it was so hard at times that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen…you know what I mean, you see what I am talking about and that is all who needs to know…one day I will be with you all, but until then the memories and the love I have for you all will help me day by day…you will never be forgotten Mom, the flowers are so beautiful in you and Dads garden…I think you help them along and Jean is there weeding them like she did….you are everywhere I look except here in person where I wish you were…I had a dream after you became one of Gods angels and you told me to tell everyone you loved them and you loved me and that you had to go somewhere…I miss hearing that voice Mom…it was like you were in my house, but you weren’t…we were at your place and you couldn’t be seen by all…I wish I would have another dream where you come talk to me, even if it is a few minutes…that dream meant the world to me and I hold it so close to my heart and think about it often…I love you Mom.
    I am sure you see Dad and how he is doing…we are worried about him and of course you know Dad…nothing is wrong and he is fine…you are both stubborn about that stuff, that’s okay I wouldn’t change that about you both…do you talk to Dad in his dreams?? I miss you Mom…I know we all do and we all wish things could be different…I wish you were here with the love of your life and I could take your place so you can be with the family…I know I wouldn’t be there then, but I would give up my time so you could have time (without the pain and stuff) with Dad and my sisters and brother…I would have God and the angels of my past (all my Fur-baby Angels) to keep me in peace and love…and I would watch you all daily and be happy knowing I could give that gift to you…I really wanted you and Dad to go off by yourselves like you wanted and spend time together alone without anyone coming around…I think about that sometimes and just get a chill of love and happiness thinking of you two together like it should be….I am sorry, I should stop before I make myself sound stupid and cry…I love you and miss you MOM!!!!

  12. Valerie Boyum

    I love coming here to see your face and talk to you Mom, it is a place where I can talk to you since you are not here…just know we all love you miss you so much…I love you Mom

  13. Mom, sorry haven’t been in here for a bit…but there were a few reasons whether good or not, I have no clue…I miss you Mom and wished you could’ve seen me and the other monsters on Saturday at the Fall Fest in town here…it was fun, I couldn’t be as scary as I wanted to be, not that day anyway…but for the haunted house, that is totally different…then I can…I know you love Halloween and the black cats and all that…hopefully you can see the store and see the decorations out so far.
    Went to the house yesterday and played cards with Dad and can you believe eh let John watch football after the twins won their game??? Jane and I were flabbergasted!!! Oh well something we never thought Dad would do…he won’t even let me watch HGTV!!!…that is okay I would rather play cards with him than watch TV anyway…things sure are strange there without you there Mom…you can see it in Dads eyes that he misses you and watching him look off in the distance as he looks around at the arks and houses in the house I know he wishes you were there working on the houses and playing with the lego’s in the basement or at the dining table…I know I wish you were too…it is hard to go downstairs knowing you aren’t sitting there to the left as we walk down playing with your crafts and such…there is a lot of you there in all the rooms, but a lot of you is also leaving the house…I know it is going to our houses and such, but it is not like it was when it was all sitting there with you and dad there in the house you and made into a home…don’t get me wrong, I love getting things that were a part of you, but it just seems like as soon the items leave that front door away from the house where you made them with love (or bought or whatever) they seemed to have lost that warm feeling of love I felt in your home…I know it sounds silly and all that, because I know they all come you and dad but the warmth seems to have the items and now they are just things that came from the house…I know what I am saying and it is not coming out here at all from what I am reading…I hope you know what I mean…I see you in the houses I have and I know the love that built them is there, but it isn’t the same as when they sat there with the love you and dad share surrounding them…it is silly I know, but hopefully you know what I mean.
    I love you Mom and miss you more than I will ever be able to write or say…Sue finally got to see where you are resting among nature and all of God’s beauty…I am not sure if Tammy has yet or not…but otherwise we all have been there now…I feel you more out there than I do when I am looking at the things from you and Dad.
    We are trying to watch Dad, Mom but you know how stubborn he is (you both were and are still)…we worry about him Mom, I know you do as well…since you have been gone I know you are there poking Dad to check his sugar, because he seems to have been checking it a lot more than he did when you were home…so kudos Mom!!!
    He is trying to gain weight and it is not doing him any good…I told him he could have mine but well obviously I still have mine…I know he gets lonely without there and he is getting more restless (if that makes sense)…Mom I am worried and I don’t know what to do…we can’t replace you or the love you two share…none of us can even come close to making Dad feel like that (no matter how many times we see him) I know a few of us think they can because they think they are special, but they can’t…but it sure is funny watching them anyway…I love you Mom and hopefully will talk to you soon…
    Love you Mom!

  14. Mom…I just feel like I need to clarify my last comment…I love my sisters and Shawn, but none of us can fill the void in Dads life or heart that is you or the love you two have…we can be there for him, but he is always going to feel that empty void that only you can fill…I think Puppy is trying in his own way…maybe if you gave him some of your pep and love he could help Dad…I know he keeps Dad on his toes…he is a little gymnast for sure. I just hope that Dad knows we ALL love him and are there for him…I really do.
    Anyway, I just had to clarify things for my own record.
    I love you Mom

  15. Mom, what can I say besides the given, I love and miss you with all my heart. I know the last couple of months you and I had some arguments things were said and done by both of us that I wish I could erase but of course I will always be haunted by them. Mom I feel like I let you down, not once but twice during the last couple months. I left you at the nursing home knowing that something was wrong with you only to get a call soon after saying that they are taking you to the hospital, so I run over there run to your room and as I am holding you waiting for the ambulance people to arrive you have a stroke in my arms. The second time is the night before you passed. I came to visit you after work sat by your bed and listened to breathe while you slept, after close to two hours I decided to leave even thou again I knew something was wrong. As I am leaving the hospice nurse said I will call you if anything happens, something she hasn’t said in a while as you were doing so good during your time there instead of staying like I should have I left to go home and get some sleep another mistake, not even two hours after I got home I just barely got to sleep when my phone rang. I look at who is calling Hospice House, I knew it wasn’t good, she told me you had passed. I hung the phone up in tears thinking why did I leave you alone. The next thing I was thinking was dad (they tried to call him but no answer) so I am trying to call him and when I do get him on the phone he already knew and said he was on his way after he got dressed. Mom I know you know what happened from there, but nobody understands me, they tell me that both times I left you I didn’t know what was going to happen. I don’t believe them because they were not there both times I was and I seen you so I knew what was going to happen, everyone tells me not to let it get to me that you would understand. I don’t care what they say I still regret leaving you in your time of need and I will live with that regret till the day I die. I’m sure when others read this they will say I’m making too big of a deal but how would they feel if it were them. Mom I just want you to know that I am sorry for everything I may have said or done to make you mad. I love you and miss you more and more everyday and that will never change. As far as dad I know he is lonely and misses you, like Val had said he sits around staring off in different directions I think he is looking for you or some sign of you.
    Mom we all miss walking into the house and not seeing you. The nights I have stayed over I keep waking up in the middle of the night hoping to see a vision of you watching over us as we sleep.
    This Christmas I put up some of your ornaments and put out some of your decorations I put them out late this year so I didn’t put them all out next year I will start the day after Thanksgiving so I will have it all out.
    I know you are in a better place without your pain and suffering. Even though you are not with us I know you are watching over us and with us in spirit, knowing that eases the pain a little bit but not seeing you, talking laughing and hugging you is the part that hurts the most.
    As for dad, well I know you are watching over him but I wish he would ask for help more. When we ask how he is doing most of the time he tells us he is fine I wish he would tell us if something was wrong though so we could help him. We all made you the promise that we would take care of him but I think you knew that wouldn’t happen because you and we all know how stubborn he can be. All we can do is be there for him when he does need someone and visit him often to check up on him. We are just glad he is not alone anymore as he has a cat named Puppy (yep Shawn named he keeps dad on his toes even thou at times he gets on dads nerves I think. Puppy is good for dad thou as they keep each outer entertained.
    Well mom its late but, Happy Mothers day to the best mother ever, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years.
    Well I am going to stop before I end up writing a novel here…lol, just wanted to say what I did and let you know that you are very much loved and missed.

  16. Happy Mother’s Day mom – I so miss you so very much and love you bunches – I wish you were here <3

  17. Valerie Boyum

    Mom, I know you will understand that I am late with wishing you a happy Mother’s Day…I was feeling, I am not sure what I was feeling…probably selfish…wanting you to be here and me to be with my kids and beautiful grandsons!!!
    The letter i have for you and was going to put here is way too long, so I will just keep it to myself and keep adding to it…you will be the only one who sees what it says….but seeings as it is for you that’s okay!!
    I know you are in heaven but I just have to wish you and Dad a Happy Anniversary…you are his wife and his love, so it is okay to wish you that even under the circumstances.
    I wish You and Jean could be here to watch as Brit walks down the aisle to be with the man she chose to love for the rest of her life, like you and Dad and Shawn & Jean…you both chose the 2 greatest men I know or ever will know…Brit has found the man she has given her heart to and he seems so good for her!!! Did you all see them at Country Kitchen the other day??? They re so in love!!! He is so funny and good to her.
    I know you will be there in heavenly spirit kind of way and I know we will feel your presence…
    I love you Mom and miss you so very much….I still can’t make myself take down the ornaments yet…I am going to try to make some of the ornaments that I remember you made when we were younger…they won’t be yours, but they will at least look close maybe.
    I love you and wish you were here with Dad and us…I miss you so much and just we could talk about life and all that stuff…like that picture I found says…”if Heaven had a payphone, I would be calling you everyday or just wouldn’t hang up at all” I love you Mom…say hello to some of fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for us to have our freedom…

  18. Valerie Boyum

    Hello Mom, it’s me Valerie…is has been two years today…it still isn’t easy…whoever says saying “Good-bye” isn’t hard, hasn’t lost someone or something that truly meant anything to them…I am so looking forward to saying “Hello” again!! I wished you and Jean could’ve been at Brittany and Ty’s wedding physically…I know you were there in spirit, but when i looked at the wedding pictures and seen the one of Dad and Shawn walking Brittany to the back of the limo there was a look of sadness and it seemed so empty without you and Jean at Dad and Shawn’s sides…I cannot help but wonder what was going through each of their minds that day as the day progressed…I know it was hard for a lot of us that day…but I am sure it was harder on you and Jean, you weren’t there to give her motherly advice and etc.
    Mom, every time I look through pictures I cry and wish you were here…I so wish you could be here and I could take your place, Dad so needs you, I know you see how he is doing and we all worry about him so much…Deb goes to see him a lot more than I get to, but only because I don’t drive, or else Dad might actually move just so we weren’t all coming over all the time checking on him…just because I don’t get out there as much as some people, doesn’t mean I don’t love Dad…I love him so much, and it is so hard to see him like this…he eats, but nothing helps…he talks to the preacher and I am so happy that he does…I honestly think that is a huge help to Dad.
    When I think back to before you walked that stairway to Heaven, I can’t help but smile and cry when I think about that picture of you in that yellow sweater Jane made wanting to go on a long drive or date with Dad…he is sitting beside you and the smile on your faces is something that will always keep me believing in the power of love…you and Dad have a special lifelong love that no one else can find…oh sure we think we find it, but it will never be like the love I seen with you and Dad…I love that picture and another one and will always keep them close to me and my heart…when I feel a little down (which is a lot lately) I think about that picture of you and Dad…I just wished you all could’ve gone for your long drive/date…you will one day.
    I love you and miss you so much Mom…not a day goes by without thinking of you and wishing you were here with Dad and the family and I there with my fur babies watching over you and Dad and my siblings, instead of you there watching over us…it isn’t fair…you have people who need you here and you can’t be here for them, physically I mean to comfort them or help them through with whatever is going on…I know you dealt with enough of that before climbing the stairs to Heaven, but we really do need you.
    Maybe it is because I didn’t get to talk to you about a lot of things or do a lot of what we talked about, but I just wish things were turned around…actually it would be better if we could all be here together…there is so much cruelty and abuse in our world and I wish I could just take out all the abusers and free the spirits of the victims so they can be happy and never have to worry about when or where the next punch, kick, etc. is going to come from…
    I learned a lot from you Mom, but there is still so much more to learn and listen to…I am never going to hear stories of your youth…with Dad and all the other things since from you…I like talking to older people (and no I am not calling you or Dad old)…there are so many stories of life and hard times and good times and the way things used to be stories…my grand kids will never get the chance to meet you or have you hug them…I just hope they can at least meet Dad and he can give them hugs for you both…I just hope I get to meet them before it is too late!!! they are so adorable and handsome (I think) and my boys are handsome as well (in my opinion anyway)…Diana, the girl who is with Jamie (Andy) is a beautiful person inside and out…she is not only raising their two boys, but now she/they have taken on the custody of 3 of her siblings…the family has issues…she seems like a really nice gal and seems to be great mother to the boys…she is also a nurse and she reminds so much of Jean…anyway…I am going to invite them to family camp and see how that all goes or who all comes if they do.
    I just wanted to let you know that I love you and miss you so much…you are my inspiration for a lot of things in my life…I need to finish my drawings/paintings of you and what you did for hobbies…part of me doesn’t want to finish them because then it will seem so final and it isn’t…but at the same time if I can get them done it will keep your love of life and family times and hobbies alive, even if it is just a picture or 2.
    Two years ago I never wanted to lose you and I still don’t…I know we all didn’t want to lose you, but sometimes it seems so unreal, I mean I know you are gone from our sight (I am not that dingy) but knowing your spirit is flying high in a place you and Dad shared and loved is so real…I can feel your spirit when we go to the bluff and I try picturing you and Dad when you were younger, finding your way to that spot and falling in love and that just brings a smile to my heart…I know that places holds some special bond for you and Dad and the freedom it represents is so spectacular…you can look across the bluff and see for miles, you can look below at the trees and water and roads and see the beauty that God has made there for you two to share…you all probably talked into the wee hours about your dreams and family and such (that’s what I am thinking anyway)…seeing the beauty that surrounds the bluff just takes your breath away and I am sure back in the day it was even more breathtaking…I haven’t seen any pictures or anything to make me think different…I would rather come visit your spirit being free and fluttering at the bluff more than I would going to the other place…I can feel you out at the bluff, and I love the look on Dads face when we are there…I know he feels you around him as well…I better go to work now Mom, I love you and miss you and will write more later in my special place and in my heart for you to see…remember, you may not be here in front of us, but you will never ever be forgotten…the love you gave and the love I have for you will never fade…it will only soar higher with each passing day out at the bluff for us all to feel and cling to!!! (not sure that made any sense, but I know what I meant)
    I love you Mom!!! God and Heaven might have you and your soul, but I have the memories, love, and so much more that can never be taken away from me…you were taken away, but you live in us all and always will…I love you miss you Mom!!!!
    Love Valerie

  19. Valerie Boyum

    I am sorry Mom, I just looked at the last post and I see it is so long…I apologize…I love you and miss you Mom!!!

  20. Mom – I miss you – these last two years have been hard to not call home and ask to talk to you – June 30th was so hard – i would give anything to have had more time with you – I love you mom so much <3

  21. One more week Mom and I am done with my Masters degree – when I walk with my hood it will be in memory of you and the pursuit of education you were unable to finish. I know you will be there in heart and spirit. I miss you bunches Mom – I love you !

  22. Mom I did it!!!! I will walk in January with a 4.0!!! I love you and wish I could tell in you in person – I miss you ! In honor and memory of you and your perseverance . . . Walk with me . . .

  23. Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I miss you and love you so very much!!! It is so hard to want to call you and wish you Happy Birthday or just talk to you and know I can’t…Heaven has no phones, unless you count the talks I have with you and my animals when I know you can’t reply…the way we are used to. I was thinking last night about the 29th and I was wondering what you and Dad did on your golden birthday those years ago…that would’ve been 1973 (if I did my math right) and I know I would’ve been 10 and the last twins would’ve been not quite 3…so I always wondered what you did to celebrate that golden birthday….besides being a mother to eight brats (despite what a few of them may think, we all were brats) and a loving wife to our Dad…I wonder what Dad thinks on this day each year…I will never ask him, because whatever he is thinking or feeling is between you two…I see Tammy told you her good news about school…and I know you and Jean know about the upcoming births in the family!!! Jean and Shawn are going to be GRANDPARENTS!!!! This isn’t Facebook so I should be okay in saying that here…I hope…if not I apologize to them…I wish you could be here so we could talk and such…I am getting to put Christmas up here at the store and home…I am also trying to make new ornaments out of buttons and wish you were here so we could work on them together, I know in my heart and mind you will always be here, but that is not the same as having you here, nor will it ever be…
    I am also hoping (and wishing and praying) that I get to see my kids and grand-babies this year for Christmas…lol, I know that is a big wish for God or even Santa to fulfill, but I can always wish…it never hurts…I want Dad to meet them all, I was wanting you to meet them as well…but at least you can look down and see them every day and watch them grow…if you choose to…me I have to wait until whenever.
    I know it is hard for all of us and I know it will never be easy…the holidays just aren’t the same much less everyday life…Dad is still hanging in there, even though we had that scare with him in September…I am definitely not ready to lose him too…I know you miss him and I know he misses you too…the love that you all share is amazingly beautiful and lasting…you know the love was deep and true when you were all together after raising all of us and you were all still together…love like that doesn’t come along for many people and for those who are lucky enough to find love like that, well all I can say is I hope they cherish and treasure it, because it is rare and beautiful…God has an Angel that we were not ready to lose and I know that you are watching over Dad and keeping him in line…Jane is out there making sure Dad is doing okay and helping him as he needs it…(he is stubborn, even though he likes to say he isn’t…we all know better)…I know she is enjoying (I hope that is the word I want here) being there and helping him, it was something she couldn’t do when you were here and we were all taking care of you and trying to help you feel better (even though I am sure you wanted to knock us out sometimes, especially when we were trying to get you to take your meds and all when you really didn’t want them, kind of like we all did when we were kids) so now Jane gets to spend that time with dad that she didn’t get to do with you…
    Mom, I am not sure what or how to make people understand what I do when it comes to your chair and room at the house…I don’t want to get mad at them like I know the do with me…it is hard for me to sit in the chair that was yours for all those years…the room is hard to go into because I want you to be there and I know you aren’t and never will be, I remember being there with you and dad that night you got dressed up and just wanted to go on a date/drive with dad and spend some time with him without us being there in the way…I so wished it could’ve happened for you and dad…it hurts when I think about it and when I think about the look of disappointment on your face, but then it makes me smile from ear to ear when I remember dad holding you telling you he loves you and you tell him the same…there are just memories I want to keep in that room and I figure if I stay out of there, they will stay there to keep dad warm and loved as he lays sleeping in there at nights…that is my opinion and I don’t care what others think…we have the pictures of you and dad sitting together and being close to each other and those are very special memories for all…anyway I better to work before and get things done…I will pop in later and talk more…
    I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! love always, Valerie

  24. Merry Christmas Mom!!!
    I know it is early, but in Heaven Christmas is everyday anyway…I sure miss you and love you!!! I am sure you can see the tree with your handmade decorations on it here at the store, if I had all my ornaments here on the tree it would be fuller, but that’s okay…this way I have some hanging up at home as well. My Christmas wishes are becoming more and more selfish on my part…because I wish you were here with us and Dad…I wish I could see my sons and grandbabies and Diana…and I wish for Dad’s health to improve and for him to be around quite a while (despite what some say) Dad says he is going to live to be 100, now don’t get me wrong…I am not stupid, I know his health is well not good…so I know he won’t be around to be 100, but if he can make it a lot longer than he will be close…and then I also wish for my kitties health to get better as well…and my final wish would be for all of us to be together for Christmas with dad, but like I said they may be all selfish, but my heart wants so much…oh well…my biggest wish is for the animals and children of abuse, I wish for them to be left alone and that their abusers be well you know what I think should happen to them, and it isn’t jail time either, that is not justice for all the suffering they put on the animals and children.
    Some of us kids have significant others and their families and then the kids and their families and their significant others and so on…so it makes getting together hard…which I don’t mind telling you really bites right now…oh well…at least you can be with all of us, and between you and Jean and the animals there and God you will all have a Merry Blessed Christmas…so much is going on and I hate the fact that it seems like the family is drifting apart…at least Dad won’t be alone this Christmas because Jane is there, unless he kicks her out for a day…I don’t see that happening so at least he won’t be alone…I know in my heart he is never alone anyway…he has you and God in his heart…so he will ever alone!!! Yeah!!!! Dad seems to enjoy having Jane there…she makes him homemade meals that he raves about to others and even though they both can’t hear everything the other is saying, it seems to be working out…she makes sure he gets up and takes his meds in the mornings (sometimes it’s a little later than either want) but he gets up and that’s the main part!!!!
    I know you can see my kids and their kids, so at least one of us gets to watch them grow…I sure hope they love each other a lot…I know they do to deal with everything going on in her family and taking in a few more bodies along with their children…Diana sure seems like a wonderful gal and I am so glad Jaimie (Andy) found her 10+ years ago…the kids look very happy…Diana is going to try find some recent pictures of Micheal (Matt) so I can see what he looks like…the ones Jane found for me on his Facebook page are from 2009 or somewhere in there…I so want my kids and the grandkids to see dad!!!! I want dad to get to know them since you couldn’t…except you can see them from there so you have an advantage…lucky you!!! Love You MOM!!!!
    I can’t wait to be there with you and see what heaven is like!!! I can’t wait to see my fur babies too!!!! Hopefully they remember me, God knows I will never forget them, they are my children!!!
    This time of year is supposed to be merry and bright, but it is so hard after losing you and the pets I have lost in the last few years…it is like the hole in my heart & life gets bigger and darker with every passing day…I keep myself busy even if it is just sleeping the day half away…I paint and it seems to help for a bit, but then it stops helping and it just gets so hard…I don’t even want to think how dad is doing or coping with everything…it is bad enough that his health and breathing is like kicking his butt, I really hate to think how his heart feels, and I don’t mean physically…I know as a lot when he lost you, he lost his soul mate and forever friend…that is rough I am sure…so I know I shouldn’t feel like I do, but I do…some say it gets easier as time goes by, but they obviously had a few too many to drink when they said it or they haven’t lost the branch from the tree that held their roots so deeply planted in the ground…you and dad are the first two branches of the sturdy hearty family tree you built for us…we are just the ones that branch off you and dad, so when we lost you Mom, part of our tree fell and became uneven…it is so hard to make it stable like it was when you and dad held it together…it is still growing (trust me) but the essential branches are weakening and I don’t like that…our roots are planted deep, but the leaves are falling and crumbling…my part of the tree definitely is…you and God know what I mean and that is all that matters…the floodwaters of life are taking their toll on our tree, but it needs to be strong for the future branches and that is hard to do right now. New life is always being added to the tree and making it grow higher and stouter, so hopefully the tree of our family will always strive with lots of love and hope running through its veins…it has a damn good start…the hope and love you and dad share is what made it grow to its current shape and color, if we get lucky enough, maybe some of the new leaves will drop some colorful seeds into the ground and into the roots and help keep our tree strong enough to last for the future generations (but only if they share the love like you and dad).
    All the new life that gets added to the tree is like decorating a Christmas tree…it lights up and is so colorful…then as the decorations have to come down it grows dim until new life hits it again…I do not know if this is making any sense to you or not, but in my mind it makes sense…but then again my mind is like cloudy sometimes…
    Poor dad is so skinny, I told him I would give him some of my tummy and he would be set for awhile, but it wouldn’t do him any good…it has too much caffeine and it might make dad fly around the house more than the kitty does…dad is holding his own and holding on strong…so as long as he does that he will be fine for as long as long as he can…oh mom, I know I am just babbling and I know I babble at home to you too, but it just feels good to talk to you like this even if I am not making any sense to you…I just hope I am not embarrassing you…I don’t want that…I put you through enough when I was a stupid teenager…even though I have two sons and two grand babies (whether I ever see them or not is a whole other story…but they look precious to me!!!)…if I could turn back the hands of time and change things I would, but I can’t…because if I could do that I would bring you back to dad and my siblings and I would go visit my animals in heaven until you all get there.
    See what I mean, this is supposed to be a happy time and I am just a babbling idiot full of stupid emotions…I am so sorry mom!!! I really do miss you and love, that much I know for sure…so don’t hate me and my stupid feelings right now…God knows how I am and I am sure he is glad to share with you!!! I just hope that is not why you are there and I am here, maybe God knows I need all the help I can get and he wanted your help…lol…I am trying to be funny, but I am not sure what that is…anyway…I love you and really do wish you a happy, Blessed, and Merry Christmas…at least you don’t have to deal with me now…thank goodness uh?? I am not crazy…my heart just has so much pain and my mind is so sore from all I see and hear in this world of ours…it seems to outweigh the good stuff and that really hurts…my eyes have gone dry from crying for you and my babies and all the animals and children who have been abused…it is all over the news, Facebook and more…I share what I can, not to upset others, but to try to help those who are being abused and tortured…I would rather share happy things, but this world and those idiots in it don’t make that possible like I want…I hate seeing animals and children suffering because the people who are supposed to love them don’t.
    Love always and through eternity, your dingy daughter, Valerie
    God I apologize for my pity party here, but I know you understand what is going on more than me, so I had to share my feelings…I am not really selfish, other than I want my family and pets to happy and healthy and I just can’t seem to make it happen for one reason or another.
    Thank you for son, he died for us all and our sins, but this is the season of his happy birth…and we should all rejoice and be glad in our hearts…Amen

  25. Mom, (this one is much shorter and happier)
    Merry Christmas!!!
    I just had to write this, I feel bad for the first one, so now I want to try and make this one better…
    I miss you now and always and love you just as much…Christmas is supposed to a happy time, it is really hard like I said before…the only happy Christmases are the ones in my heart and head…everyone is so busy and the families seem to have so many different branches going off and so on that it is so hard to get together…I miss when Christmas was simple and full of love and laughter and food and more…I miss the decorations at you and dads house…at least he has all the Jim Shore Santa’s out for you…I miss the smells of the holiday at home, I miss the family togetherness that was there…it will never be that way again, the families are too far spread out, too many different places to be, and so on…it will never happen…so I just keep the happy memories locked in my heart and mind and I feel so cozy.
    When we were younger it was sure funny that the in-laws and outlaws could be all at the same house, but today it just doesn’t seem to happen…too many different families and more coming along…it is no one’s fault, like everyone keeps telling me, I need to get used to it because the kids are all growing and getting partners and that means more families for those to be with and they just try to split up the time as best as they can…maybe we should celebrate Christmas in June…maybe we can all get together for one Christmas gathering then…sounds good to me, but oh well.
    I will cherish the Christmas memories and handmade decorations and more…they will get me through until something happens…I like remembering the Christmases from past years, maybe it is because I don’t have a family to spend it with like most others do(…I know I have my family, but I mean I don’t have my kids, that family) at least I have my kitty cats…but heck I cannot even to get them treats and stuff…I hate when Deb has to buy my cat food…it makes me feel like a bad parent…it really does, I am glad she does, but I know she can’t afford it, even though she always tells me “If I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t do it” but you know she can’t always afford it, no matter what she says…she has bills too.
    I will always remember the gifts you and dad built, put together or whatever, painted and etc…those were always the best gifts…I am trying to make decorations and ornaments and etc. for it and when I get to meet my kids and their kids…this way I can pass down the same traditions with them like you and dad did/do for us…I want them to be just a happy with handmade, homemade decorations and such as I am…my felt ornaments haven’t even made it out of the brain yet, but I have made some button ornaments and some wooden ones…so at least it is a start…you showed us and gave us so much that I want it to live forever in our family tree…you and dad should be proud…I know I am.
    I love you mom and wish you a Merry Christmas filled with love and hope!!!
    Love always your daughter Valerie

  26. Happy New Year Mom!!!
    Well it is 2017, another year…yippee. We will just hope it is better than last year…we say that every year, I always hope each year gets better since you went to Heaven, but it hasn’t yet…I am going to try to start a jar with pieces of paper in it, each piece will have something written on it reflecting on something positive for every week, it will be interesting to see or remind myself of the good (ha-ha). Like I told Jane, even if my only good thing for the week is Smokey not getting sick, that would be good for me since he is my baby, well one of my babies.
    Sorry just getting back to this letter for you…families are growing fast around here mom…Heather married Will at the end of December and they have a baby on the way this summer…Nick & Kayla are having one in March or somewhere there, and then we just found out the Tim & Amber are expecting this summer as well!!!! So there will be 3 more great-grandbabies for you mom and Jean & Shawn’s first grandbaby…like I said the families are growing…I am going to guess the other 2 babies will be boys as well…we already know the sex of Nick & Kayla’s (I guessed right on him too)…but I just think it is time for more boys…anyway.
    The weather has been weird this year so far…flooding in California, which is something they haven’t had for over a decade (they have but not to this extreme that they say is coming). Chico and Sasha had snow and ice over the weekend and Sasha’s pipes froze, hopefully they don’t burst…
    People are being mean and abusive to cats and dogs lately…they caught one SOB and hopefully he is thrown to the wolves and has to pay out the wazoo for the care of kitty and etc.
    I sure wish you were here so we could all sit and talk and be together again…I know it is impossible for now, but it just would feel so good to a family again…
    What do you think of Dads haircut??? I think it looks sharp!!! He looks good with that length of hair!!!
    The snow is falling outside and looks so beautiful coming down as big flakes!!! Looks like tears from heaven turning from clear to white as they fall and set down to remind us of all the angels up there in heaven watching over us…the flakes are all so very different just like the angels they come from…some angels are mothers, fathers, siblings, furbabies, and so much more!!! I know some people hate the white stuff, but I think it God’s way of letting us know that heaven is waiting for all who believe.
    Oh my goodness….all the rain and storms hitting California this weekend and week…the water is playing havoc with the beautiful state…but at the same time, they have shown some beautiful sites from Yosemite park…still that is a lot of water flowing down the land…
    That is all for now as far as the big stuff…I love you Mom and wish you were here, more than you will ever know…one day we will be able to talk face to face and hug and I can tell you I love you!!! Until the next time, remember we all love you…you are missed terribly!!!

  27. Mom – I am here getting ready to walk for my masters – I did it!!! You are here with me – I know you are !! I love you and miss you so much!!

  28. April 28th Mom is in memory of you and the love of reading you passed on to us !! I love you Mom and miss you bunches !!

  29. Valerie Boyum

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!
    Mom, well another Mother’s Day without you is just around the corner…this will be the third one without you here for me to call or send you a card…or make a cake (like I did one year) or for us to have a dinner or for Shawn to give you your box of chocolates, or for Dad to spoil with gifts…
    Heaven has you, God is showering you and the other Mothers with love and warmth…and the angels of all kinds are singing to you…
    Will you come sit with me/us, even though you won’t be seen, you will be felt…will you look down and even come sit with Dad? I know you see how he is doing and I know you know more than we do about how he is doing, just keep watch over him and his heart Mom…I know he misses you terribly…55 years or so of Mother’s Days is a long time and is a lot of love…
    Mothers Day is just another day now, yeah I have kids, but haven’t seen or met them yet…my furbabies are my kids.
    Well you have more great grand babies coming yet this spring/summer…two more at least, Heather’s and Amber’s…can you believe Shawn if going to be a grandpa??? I bet jean is so excited…most of us think if she was here, she would take the baby for a few years (just our opinion though).
    Life is so so right now, work is great….keeping busy…Jane found me a REEL mower at the thrift store and I am loving it so far…I am sure one day I won’t be saying that, but for now it is great!!! My babies are good for now…I just keep thinking about all the animals and babies in this world that could use the love and embrace of the angels up in Heaven…they are going through so much hell and so on…they could use the embrace and hugs and love you had for us growing up…when we fell or got hurt you were to help us feel better…when were sick you did what you could to make us feel better…when we cried you were there to wipe tears away and tell us things would be okay…
    Mom, when you went to Heaven, I cried and cried and still do, but this time you are not here to wipe my tears and tell me it will be okay…I am dealing the best I can with you being away from us….but between you being there with the Angels and all the torture animals and babies are going through, there aren’t very many days when I wish I could be and Angel up there with you and my babies…so I could talk with you and watch over dad and my siblings and all Gods creatures to keep them all from harm….sometimes I think when my kitties come and lick my tears away (when I had a bad dream or see something) that you are there through them…I know it all sounds crazy, but I know what I mean anyway.
    I don’t know what Mother’s do in Heaven for Mother’s Day, I have seen poems and pictures saying different things…I know I/we wish you could be here with us and dad and the grand-kids and great grand-kids and so on…my wish for you this Mother’s Day is simple…I just want you to be happy and loved…I know you are loved by so many and I hope when I am sitting at the house that I can feel your presence in the room…I hope you know how much you are loved and missed Mom.
    I love you more than you know and miss you!!
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!

  30. Hey Mom…just thought I would write a few lines…I miss you so much and wish you were here with Dad and us…more with Dad…I’ll bet from up there you all get a view and a half of the storms that have been going on the fires that are playing havoc…there is so much devastation and horror in the world these days…between the animals and children getting abused and neglected, and the storms and fires ripping things up, and everything else.
    I so wish I could find the love you and dad have…I know you see what happens and such and I know you wish you could be here with Dad too. Your love is so pure and honest (from what i know) you and dad were always there for each other through the little monster villagers and through the bad times and the good times…and always as far back as I can remember you told each other “I love you” every single day and watching you all grow older still saying it and doing things together, even little things is beautiful. The love you share is something that is made of armor and yet of lace, it shielded us our whole life…it is a love that war, hatred, destruction and more can never take away or destroy…that is pure love and I so long for something that is even a little slice of what you have…fat chance of that for me…at least I know it did/does exist in you and Dad!!! The only love I know that is stronger than the love you and dad have, is the love God has for us…otherwise, there is no love like yours…I know you all love us, but that kind of love is totally different…your love is breathtakingly beautiful and everlasting…and I am so honored to be part of that…I love you Mom, I really do miss you…

  31. Mom you and Dad are both together now – as we cry for another loss we can take our memories of you and dad and know we had the best parents any kid could have asked for – you and dad showed us so much and taught us so much – I miss you both so much and I love you and dad with everything I have – give dad a hug for me – I love you both

  32. Mom, you and Dad are together now…great for you both, horrible for the rest of us…but, like I told dad yesterday…first i said this is not 100 years old, but then i told him “now you and Mom can finally have that date mom is waiting for” so now you all can have that long awaited date!!! i hope it beautiful and wonderful…you both deserve it so very much…dad did look good for what all he went through in the past few years though…now he can breath better and hold you again!!! i know you have both been waiting…yesterday after seeing dad i had to go for a walk and instead found myself sitting the flower garden by one of his favorite flowers “the bleeding hearts” and while sitting balling like a frickin idiot…i remembered the last time they bloomed was the year you went home…and finally this year they bloomed again!!! i was so excited and ran in told dad they finally bloomed after all these years…i should’ve took that as a hint…but you know me…i couldn’t take a hint if it bit my bootie…dad said he was going to live to be 100 and i believed him!!! so the hint wouldn’t have helped anyway….all i know is you and dad are together now and that in itself is awesome…the hurt and loneliness inside will never be awesome…but that is something i will have to endure…not you and dad…you two finally get to be in each others arms and i know that should make things better, but it won’t for me…or any of us…other than i will be happy knowing you are together again…i love you both so very very much and it is going to be so damn hard to get through this all…like i will ever get through it anyway…you know how much of an emotional wreck of an idiot i am…so anyway…i just wanted to say how happy i am you and dad are reunited again in spirit and form…because you were always there with dad in his heart as it is and his mind…so now you can actually be with him…and i know you are crying now too and dad because you are together and i so wish i could be there to see the reunion!!! give dad a great big hug and kiss for me and all of us!!!! mom, hopefully the little kitty i picked up out of the road makes it there with dad and you both take her in…she was very tiny and needs help and love…she doesn’t need to wait at the Rainbow Bridge…you can all let her in!!! she is/was a cutie…you’d love her and i know dad would’ve too…she looks like the misty you all had…I love you Mom and Dad!!! finally time together with no kids!!!! love you and miss you both!!!!

  33. I miss you mom – I sure do miss our talks – dad is with you so you get to hear his laugh and funny jokes – I miss you both and love you – merry Christmas mom

  34. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! At last your are celebrating your special day of love together…I only wish we were celebrating with you. I miss you both so very much, but like I said before, I am happy that you are both together…you are both missed more than you will ever know and loved so much too!!! I still want a love like yours, but I am afraid that will never happen…there is no other love like yours out there, never will be either…it is yours only and that is perfectly fine with me…I would be happy just to find love, oh well…enjoy your day and your love and each other…I love you both and miss you so much!!! love your daughter, Valerie

  35. Mom no matter how much time goes I miss you and not a day goes by where I don’t want to just pick up the phone and call you – I used to call Dad but he is with you – I love and miss you both so very much

  36. Mom & Dad,
    I know you see and hear what is going on down here and probably aren’t very happy about some of it, which is very understandable. I figure I can say a lot here, because no one else comes here to read here, so I am okay saying what I need to…things are getting a little rough.
    I miss you both and love you so very much and want to hold on to the house…when I am in the house, I feel like I am being hugged by both of you, not physically of course, but I just feel a presence of warmth and think of it as a hug, I know it sounds silly, but it does.
    I can’t afford it or I would!!! I am not giving up yet!!!!!
    You both worked and raised eight of us and finally after we all grew up and most of out of the house, your chance came to own this house and finally have someplace to call home!!! You both earned it and after 30 years, all the grand children and great grandchildren (that came around) and all the Easter egg hunts and Christmases, Easters, Thanksgivings, and etc…all the games and lesson’s and so much more around the dining room table and all the stories told and heard and all the love and laughter in the home and taking care of Mom when she needed us, and …I am sorry, it hurts to write this (I am sure you see me crying and I hope customers don’t come in right now, but if they do oh well)…I know it is just a house to some people, but it is a home that you both safe and full of love for us to come visit and be a part of…you both taught us so much, and granted we didn’t grow up in that house, but we grew together as a family in that house…that has been a part of our lives for 30 years!!!
    Selling to someone else is going to the hardest thing I (and whoever else) will deal with…like Jane and I said yesterday, anyone other than family is not going to appreciate the home like we do…and if someone else gets the house, the hardest thing is going to be walking out the door for the last time knowing we will never see our home again…all the times in the garden sitting and thinking, pulling weeds and hoping we didn’t hear dad yell at us for taking out a flower instead of a weed, and everything else in the world is going to be gone forever and that hurts…
    I know other people think it is just a house, no big deal, but they are wrong…it is the place you called home for 30 years and watched as we grew into whatever we are, it is where the miniature doll houses were made with love, and where things were made of wood for us and others, and it holds the most beautiful Flower garden that so many of the family helped get going with you both and helped take care of…the beautiful graduation pictures taken in the garden and all the other pictures…anyway, I am just saying I for one, do not want to let go of the work and love you all put into that home…you all filled it with love and more…anyway, I know it doesn’t matter what I think or feel, I can’t buy it by myself…I would do it in a heartbeat if I could….then it will always be in the family, until God or Mother Nature takes it away…
    I will let you all go for now…I love you so very much and miss you both even more!!!!!!!!
    Love your daughter, Valerie

  37. Mom – tell dad that mittens has an attitude !! I wish I could just call you right now – I could really use a heart to heart talk – I love you and miss you bunches !!

  38. Happy birthday mom – I love you and miss you bunches !! So much I want to say but I know you are with me – give dad bunches of hugs – I love you both bunches !!!

  39. Mom, I know you and Dad are seeing everything going on with Tim and Amber’s family and more…I know you will welcome the dog and cat and her mom with open wings and support…Mom I feel bad, I didn’t wish you Happy Birthday a couple weeks ago…I did, just not here…I miss you and dad so very much and like Tammy, I wished I could call you both and hear your voices and talk…I miss that…I talk to you both in my dreams when you are there, but it is not the same…Holidays are coming fast again and it isn’t the same anymore…not since you passed away and definitely not since Dad passed away…our family seems to be drifting and i don’t like that…i miss you both and wish you were here!!!! love you both!!! love Valerie

  40. Mom,
    I know you are busy with Dad and all, just wanted to let you know I love you and miss you and Dad and wish you all could be here…this snow is beautiful, but it is a pain in the bootie at the same time…I remember the snowstorms when we were younger and the one where the donkey or Shetland pony showed up outside our window, and all the tunnels we would make and all the times you would yell at me and Jane for not having our coats and shoes on outside in the snow…we were building igloos and didn’t think we needed to have all that on, it was hot as we were building…anyway, I miss you and just wanted you to know that and I love you!!! I will always love and think about you and Dad!!!! nothing will change that…I hope you and Dad are doing well.
    Love always,
    your daughter Valerie

  41. Mom, it’s me again…I want to wish you A Happy Mother’s Day!!! I know it is early, but I don’t get on computer at home, so I made sure I wished you a happy day today….I wish you were here and we could all get together for Mother’s Day and visit and give hugs and have you and Dad here with us…that would be the greatest!! I am hoping one day before my time is here that I get to have a Mother’s Day with my boys and Diana and the babies…I know you all see them from above, I hope…one day, soon I can too!!! I love you Mom and miss you and Dad more than I can ever say…anyway, Have a great Mother’s Day with Dad and the kitties!!! Love you Mom!!!
    Love Always,
    Your daughter Valerie

  42. Mom I posted a couple times prior but they must not have saved – so happy belated birthday now – I miss you and love you bunches

  43. Mom, like Tammy I posted quite a few messages and they didn’t save (same in dads)…anyway, Happy Belated Heavenly Birthday!!! I love you so very much and miss you terribly…there is so much I wish I could talk to you and Dad about, face to face and hear your voices and see your faces…but for now, I will have this and the talks at home with the kitties (even though they look at me funny) and in my dreams when I wake up crying because you aren’t there…it was just dream…anyway, I love you both! Take care of each other and watch over the animals!!!!
    Love always! Valerie

  44. Mom – I just wanted to say hi to you and dad – you would love the Legos bookstore – I have a car garage one also and they remind me of times withbyou and dad – it’s been almost 6 years since you went home but I miss you as much now as I did then – when will the pain and sadness go away? I love you mom and miss you bunches !!

  45. Happy Mother’s Day Mom – I just got done listening to a song about letting go – words are how can I help you to say goodbye – the last part tears me up every time because I remember our last time together at hospital and you tried to help me understand and I couldn’t or didn’t want to ?? I miss you immensely Mom and love you and Dad beyond eternity – I hope you are both sitting out on your spot and enjoying the view on this Mothers Day – I love you !!!

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