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Cremation service is becoming a familiar and popular means of final disposition to families all over the US. The flexibility and numerous service options are appealing to more families every year. Personalizing memorial services has never been easier and many families are choosing cremation to create a lasting way to remember their loved ones.

Southern Minnesota Cremation Service was founded in 1991 in Echo, Minnesota and was among the first crematories outside the metro area.  In addition to serving our own families with cremations we also serve numerous funeral homes in southwestern Minnesota, eastern South Dakota and northern Iowa.  We provide pick-up and delivery services and pride ourselves in a same day or next day return when necessary.  Our affordable pricing and experienced staff enable us to pass along a superior service that will stand out from other crematories.  A new crematory was built in Redwood Falls in 2015.

Stephens Crematory

Southern Minnesota Cremation Service
Redwood Falls, MN

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