A Tribute to Dick Kelley

A Tribute to Dick Kelley

Today we lay to rest one of our own. Dick Kelley was a well-known community member in Tracy and a colleague, mentor, and friend of ours. A man of many talents, extensive knowledge, and quick wit, he served the Tracy area as a Funeral Director with his family at Kelley Funeral Home. A calm and gentle presence, Dick lent comfort to families who experienced loss. We’re not sure how many times Dick “retired” – he sold his funeral home and farmed for awhile, but began working again – part time for Jacobson Funeral Home. When Tim Kulow purchased Jacobson Funeral Home, and when Nathan Stephens continued after Tim, Dick was sure to tell them, “I don’t come with the building” (meaning – don’t just assume I’ll be working for you). But the joke was on Dick – he couldn’t stay away! Any time we were at the funeral home, Dick would stop in. He kept a watchful eye. He also helped us with countless visitations and funerals. Dick was generous with his time, talents, and gifts. He served his community and grieving families well. Rest easy now, Dick. Your legacy will live on. 

Funeral Director’s Prayer

Lord, give me the patience needed to serve everyone as my own; 
the wisdom to understand others’ feelings;
the knowledge to learn as well as to instruct;
the kindness to treat everyone equally at all times;
the strength to endure long hours and hard work; 
the desire to serve others as I would my own family;
the humility to accept words of thanks and praise;
the compassion to touch another’s soul;
the pride and the right to smile when I have served a family well;
and, Lord, most importantly, the right to shed an honest tear when my heart is touched;
Lord, make me thankful that I am a Funeral Director.

N Anthony J. Asselta III Duval Funeral Homes Tampa, Florida

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